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We absolutely love what we do!


Our services are very valuable as they are so effective at changing lives.

As you can imagine, these services are expensive. The average cost to Horsepower Up to provide services for one child or teen is $2,000 each year.


This is cost-prohibitive to many who need our services the most. However, YOU can make a difference by contributing to a scholarship fund. This allows us to keep our service fees low so all people, regardless of income, have access to these beautiful, majestic equine partners.

Make a difference in a child or teen's life. Contribute to the scholarship fund: 

One child/teen for one full year $2000

One full term $700

Summer Term $300

One lesson for one child/teen $80


Did you grow up wanting a horse so bad that it hurt?


Our executive director did. This is a topic dear to her heart.

Currently, we have 4 wonderful, majestic very special horses. Did I mention they are really special???

Sponsor a horse $1200/year 

(Scroll further to find out why so much)


If you would like to share expenses of your sponsored horse, you can partner with someone or let us know and we can pair your support with another interested sponsor.

We would love for you to come out and spend time with your sponsored horse getting to know them during off-season times.

Horses eat A LOT!!

They are fed horse feed twice daily.

They graze mostly on grass in summer months with supplemental hay at times.

In the winter, they are given hay daily so hay has to be bought in the summer and stored to last throughout the winter.

Did you know that horses have routine needs just as we do except unique to them.

They need foot care with nails trimmed (farrier services) every six weeks.

They need periodic veterinary care such as dental work yearly, periodic vaccinations, deworming, health screenings.

When needed, they are provided veterinary medical care which (like for people) is unpredictable no matter how well we care for them.

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