Willow is a sassy little mare (female horse). She is very inquisitive and always into something. She is our Houdinini of the herd. She can get out of or into things you didn't see possible.

She often likes to go explore on her own away from the herd. We find ourselves commonly saying

"Where's Willow?"

She loves meeting new people and learning new things. She is often the first horse to greet someone new!


Charlie is a very sweet horse. He enjoys being with his herd and is very playful even raring up playing with the big horses. He also enjoys people even if it is just hanging out next to a person. He is a really good listener. He especially likes people that are closer to his height.

His nickname is often

"Charlie Brown"

because, well, he's...brown

Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper is the most outgoing of the herd. He really like attention from people and often insists the other horses go somewhere else while he soaks up all the attention. As the herd leader, he often gets his way. Often referred to as just


He is very in-tuned and responsive to people's thinking and acting.


Zephyr is a former champion and still likes special treatment.

On the other hand, once he gets to know and trust someone, he is loyal and wants to please.

He really doesn't have much of a nickname except he sometimes simply called