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Horse Stall Portrait


Horse Stall Portrait


Programs Under Construction

ENPower (Equine Nurtured Power):

Each youth or child is partnered with a horse to learn horsemanship skills. While learning by doing, they experience and build relationships to the horse and a mentor. These experiential activities and learning improves focus and attentiveness, promotes confidence and social skills. They learn to enjoy the present moment with the horse, and learn new ways of thinking about themselves and their environment. They also learn responsibility, trust, compassion, and endurance. This program will later expand to include at-risk youth.

      Groundwork Programs

                not mounted on a horse

 Horse Sense Foster Focused

Specifically focused on serving children who have experienced early childhood trauma and/or have been or currently in foster care. 

Reflections: People with Alzheimer’s disease can come with their caregiver and spend time with horses in a safe environment.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Licensed mental health professionals partner with equine specialist and horse in therapy sessions

Horses for Heroes
Specifically designed for veterans and first responders

Burst of Hope: Specifically focused on serving men and women (in separate sessions) who may be struggling with managing stress or wanting more joy in their life.

Life Recovery

Specifically focused on serving people struggling with addiction.

            Mounted Programs

          Participant is mounted on a horse all or part of the session

Therapeutic riding
Children and adults with physical and/or mental disabilities, ADHD/ADD, Autism, history of stroke, amputation, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, hearing impairment, visual impairment, muscle disorder.


Physical, Occupational and/or Speech Therapy sessions incorporating riding and other activities with horses as part of therapy. 

Horsepower UP is for all ages and abilities
Teacher Helping Student
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